Premium Physical Audits

We take pride in the knowledge that all our field auditors are highly qualified and are well trained in both audit techniques and customer service. After completion all Premium Audits are reviewed for quality and customer requirements and our average turnaround meets industry standards.

As your partner, Wilkinson will…

  • Provide automated Premium Audits with detailed worksheets and easy to read summaries
  • Transfer completed work electronically in HTML, PDF or Excel format through our web-based delivery systems
  • Provide Real-Time Premium Audit status/current inventory
  • Provide a toll-free number to encourage communication with your insured
  • Complete all audits in a timely manner

Telephone Audits

Another type of audit service we provide is the Telephone Audit. Our telephone audit staff consists of fully trained auditors with completion rate that meets or exceeds industry standards. We are proud to offer our customers nationwide coverage by way of our Telephone Audit Services.

As your partner, Wilkinson will…

Provide timely automated reports with detailed worksheets and summaries

Contact policyholders via mail, phone, and email

Contact the agent as needed, requested, or required

Provide detailed audit information at a reasonable cost

Communicate regularly with client and policyholder during process

Mail Audits

Wilkinson’s fully automated mail audit questionnaires provide an effective, computerized audit solution. This unique, specialized ability provides information specific to each insured and manual classification by generating each mail audit questionnaire based on the policy. This means that each questionnaire is tailor-made for the recipient. Additionally, any required follow-up memos ask only for missing information, so there is little-to-no repetition.

As your partner, Wilkinson will…

  • Guarantee a response rate that meets or exceeds industry standards
  • Offer optional timing sequences for mailings
  • Provide a thorough summary for 100% of mail audits

Hybrid Audits

Hybrid Audits are a great way to get the benefit of mail, telephone, and electronic services completed by an experience physical auditor in a plan tailor-made for you. Our hybrid service provides an economical bridge between the value of an electronic audit and the detail of a physical audit.

As your partner, Wilkinson will…

  • Guarantee audits completed by experienced field auditors
  • Offer all supporting documents attached in a web-based delivery system
  • Provide the quality of a physical audit without the expense